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Introduction to Traditional Lithuanian Songs
Musical folklore of the Belorussian Polessye
The Carpathians, traditional music and contemporary youth



Ucraine The international world music and landart festival "Sheshory"

Sheshory is a picturesque mountain village stretching over a few kilometres along the river Pistynka. Even though it is a mountain river and falls with numerous cascades, the water is warm and encourages to bathe. The village is surrounded by spruce forests and glades smelling of herbs.

Hutsul melodies, customs and traditional crafts like sculpture, cloth making, ski production are still alive in Sheshory. Locals are very proud of it. It is here where one of the oldest Hutsul temples - Upper Orthodox church (Horisznia cerkwa) - is situated.

This unusual place was discovered by organisers of the "Sheshory" festival which takes place every year since 2003. The festival was initiated by the ecological centre Green Dossier. The centre deals with the environmental protection since 1993 and it has managed many Ukrainian projects, as well as those on an international scale:

  • everyday stream of eco-news (1998-2000),

  • ecological programme "Green Tawria Games" (1998),

  • a series of short films on individual solutions of ecological problems (2002),

  • information base during the 5th Ministerial Conference "Environment for Europe" (2003),

  • organization of the biggest European camp for youth "Ecotopia 2003" in the Carpathian Mountains,

  • documentaries "Musics", "Molfar" (in the cycle "Carpathian signs")

  • street concerts and actions on the occasion of the international No Car Day and the Earth Day,

  • organization of the international festival of ethnic music and land?art "Sheshory".

    The festival gradually becomies a tradition. Every year the number of guests and participants from different countries increases. The first concerts took place within the "Ecotopia" camp, the following were already independent events.

    One of the principles of the festival is blurring the line between the artists and the audience. Everybody participates in artistic activities in the way he or she likes. Anyone willing can take part in workshops of dance from various countries, learn how to build traditional folk instruments, get acquainted with Carpathian herbs.

    The area surrounding the village becomes a certain kind of an open-air gallery where artists co-operate with the environment. Newly created works use the line, the form and the texture of nature. Nature is here the first artist, man only highlights and emphasizes its works. The festival puts emphasis on the care of the world that surrounds us, protection of the environment and the traditional Carpathian culture, development of ecological means of transport and leisure. Guests of the festival like taking part in different ecological actions, they live on a campsite and in simple huts. That is also great publicity for "green tourism" in the region.

    E-mail: sheshory@ukr.net



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