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Introduction to Traditional Lithuanian Songs
Musical folklore of the Belorussian Polessye
The Carpathians, traditional music and contemporary youth


Karpatiyany (UA) Kriwi (BY) Roman Kumłyk (UA) Kulgrinda (LT)


zoomUcraine Karpatiyany The history of KARPATIYANY began in spring 2003, in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was at a local international world music festival, where Valeriy Hlyadunets, Taras Kompanichenko and Jurij Fedynskyj performed separately, yet the same stage. All three specialised in Ukrainian ethnomusicology and authentic performance of Ukrainian folk music. They decided to join their efforts in the common cause of promoting Ukrainian musical culture worldwide.

The music of KARPATIYANY is based on field recordings conducted on expeditions to remote villages all over Ukraine. Some material was collected by the group, some by their colleagues.
From these recordings members of the group develop their repertoire, keeping in mind essential elements of performance and construction of folk songs. They strive to master the indigenous technique of performance both vocally and instrumentally, avoiding the use of elements of foreign musical cultures such as western classical and many popular styles propagated by western commercial culture. However, they also attempt to incorporate many present day innovations of technology such as electronica, contemporary instruments such as the drum set and electrified instruments, as well as modern concepts of ensemble arranging.

E-mail: olexa2000@ukr.net

www.karpatiyany.in.net.ua MP3 MP3 MP3


zoomBelarus Kriwi The band comes from Belarus, but their artistic roots reach much farther. "Kriwi" is the name of an ancient tribe which, thousands of years ago, moved from India to the territory of present Belarus. Traces of their unique culture survived in some Belorussian regions up to this day. In the language of this tribe, "kriwi" means a spring or a goatskin with water.

The music of Kriwi band is as mysterious and ambiguous as their name. They describe their style as "Authentic? World? Folk? Experiment?" and they really seem to draw from all of the above genres. They combine the characteristic Belorussian manner of singing "from the throat" with the sound of traditional instruments (hurdy-gurdy, bagpipe, smyk, drum, or trumpet) and modern ones (guitars, keyboards, and samplers). The effect of such a combination is a unique blend of folk ambience and contemporary mysticism.

The group was formed in 1996. It represents a new, very interesting wave of Belorussian folk, striving to define itself between the values of the West and the still lively native tradition.

E-mail: kriwi@belpunkt.de

www.belpunkt.de/kriwi MP3


zoomUcraine Roman Kumłyk Roman Kumłyk - a self-taught musician, virtuoso of Carpathian instruments (particularly violin, but he is also a master of Hutsul wind instruments: dvoyanka, sopilka, telenka and bagpipes), a dancer. He is also a music teacher in the Music Centre in Werchowyna and he gives individual classes, too. He is a perfect culture animator, able to convey his knowledge to a large number of people, e.g. during Hutsul workshops, or to form an improvised Carpathian music group in no time at all. Kumłyk is the founder and leader of the band CZEREMOSZ with which he tours Ukraine and other countries and released the CD "Czeremosz" (2001). He also participates in the living Hutsul tradition as a wedding musician. Kumłyk has profound knowledge about the Hutsul culture - in his house he collected many exhibits of Hutsul folk art and founded a private museum. Roman Kumłyk has cooperated with the Folk Culture Radio Centre of the Polish Radio, the Centre for Theatre Practices "Gardzienice" in Poland, Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and Lublin Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as Polish folk music groups Werchowyna and Orkiestra św. Mikołaja. Zob. Czeremosz.

Roman Kumłyk,
Franka 285-280 Werchowyna,
tel. +380/3432/217-44


zoomLithuania Kulgrinda Kulgrinda means a secret cobbled road under water through a marsh or a lake leading to the castle. Kulgrinda is also a path of initiation. Ritual folklore band Kulgrinda was founded in 1990, the time when Lithuania was undergoing rebirth. The entire revived movement of the Balts' belief can be hardly imagined without this group.

The band performs ritual Baltic folklore and unique magic sutartines. These melodies come from the oldest times of the Lithuanian nation. The songs accompany the prayers to the old gods, dances, and provide thunderous accompaniment of drums, bagpipes, violins and other instruments. Kulgrinda, led by the pagan priest Jaunius and priestess Inija, is regularly invited to introduce ethnic Baltic tradition in the major events worldwide. The band holds quite a modern approach to folklore, that is, by preserving old traditions they adapt them to the today's life. Characterised by original sound and youthful enthusiasm, yet at the same time preserving the authenticity of folk songs, the ensemble manages to present folklore to the audience consisting of various age groups.

Following Baltic customs, Kulgrinda also performs wedding, initiation and other family and season rituals. These rituals usually take place next to the altar of Gediminas grave hill in Vilnius, Lizdeika altar in Verkiai park, Kernave, other fort hills or altar hills, sacred sites, nature and indoor sites. Kulgrinda is also invited to national ceremonies, official events and town festivities. In recent years the band has recorded and released albums "Ugnies Apeigos" (2002), "Perkuno Giesmes" (2003), and project "Sotvaras" (2004) together with Donis. A new, long-prepared CD "Prusu giesmes" was released this year.

A.Vivulskio 27-4
Vilnius 2009
Inija ir Jonas Trinkunai
Tel. +370-6-1334383
Tel. i fax. +370-5-2162966
E-mail: trinkunas@romuva.lt

www.romuva.lt/kulgrinda CLIP

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