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Introduction to Traditional Lithuanian Songs
Musical folklore of the Belorussian Polessye
The Carpathians, traditional music and contemporary youth


Via harli (BY) Viy (UA) Vydraga (LT)


zoomBelarus Via harli The group VIA HARLI was founded in August 2002. Its members are: Jewgienij Czałyszew (vocal), Karen Karapetian (violin), Michail Pendo (percussion), Siergiej Chromcow (bass guitar), Alieksiej Zajcew (guitar), Konstantin Goriaczij (keyboard). It is difficult to classify the music played by the group. Musicians try to mix pop, folk, rock, disco and retro.

Artistic activity:

  • 2002 - first single with 4 songs "Rodnyja mias`ciny," "Indyk," "Snieżan`," "Jechali na koniku"

  • May and June 2003 - recording new songs: "Tancy na paliancy," "Swadziebka," "Kupalinaczka," "Nawaryła babula jeży," "Piwa," "Usiu nocz my tancawali"

  • December 2003 - recording a song "Nowogodniaja Nocz" with Ania Bogdanowa

  • summer 2004 - recording the debut album "Rodnyja Miaściny"

  • summer 2005 - recording the second album "Dobryja Ludzi"

    Concerts, participation in cultural events and festivals:

  • December 2002 - festival "Biełaruski Turba-Mikser"

  • March 2003 - celebration concert "Maslenica 2003"

  • July 2003 - concert with Lapis Trubecki celebrating the Independence Day

  • Eight concerts at the festival "Słowiański Bazar 2003"

  • 2003 - the International Festival of Arts "Zołotoj szliagier" (award of the audience)

  • February 2004 - debut video clip "Tancy na paliancy" presented on TV

  • April 2004 - recordings with Ukrainian artist Anżelika Rudnicka

  • June 2004 - winners in the category "Debut of the Year" of the programme "Toczka" presented on the 1st Channel of the Belorussian TV, participation in the Youth Music Festival, solo concert in Minsk (Belarus)

  • May 2005 - participation in the Festival "New Wave 2005" (Latvia)

  • July 2005 - concerts in Białystok (Poland)

    E-mail: sasha@viaxarli.com

    www.viaxarli.com MP3 MP3


    zoomUcraine Viy Viy was founded in 1991. Among the group's members there were such musicians as Juriy Mezenchuk, Ruslan Meleschenko, Viacheslau Miklucho, Dmitry Pidlutzky, Salman Salmanov Mamed-Ogly and many others. However, now the group includes:

    The group:
    Dmitry Dobry-Vecher -bass guitar, vocals, lyrics, music
    Igor Lemeshko (Surgeon) - guitar, back vocals
    Oleg Kozlov (Pilot) - guitar, back vocals
    Nikolay Radionov - drums
    Lesya Dobry-Vecher - percussion, bongos
    Alexander Vlasyuk- lyre
    Sashko Pavlov - manager

    Their first album "Black Plough" was released in Poland in 1993. The song "Heaven Turned the Circle" ("Zakrutyło nebo kołesom") was second in the chart of a Warsaw radio station. "Black Plough" was issued again in 1996 in Kiev.

    In summer 1993 the band played at the Sopot Song Festival and "Ukrainian Nights in Poland" in Gdansk. From 1991 to 1994 the band performed more than 200 times. They participated in all Ukrainian festivals and competitions (Dzvin'91, Vyvikh'91 and '92, Oberig'92, Taras Bulba'92 and '93 and Tin Wave'92). In 1992 and 1993, Viy's seven songs topped the charts in Ukraine. Later on, it became one of the thirty most popular bands in Ukraine.

    Viy played at the following festivals:

  • ""Rock Against Drug Abuse and AIDS" in 1994

  • "New Stars of the Old Year" in 1994

  • "Ukraine Days in Moscow" in 1995

  • "Golden Gate" in 1995

  • "Rock-Existence" in 1996

  • "Days of Hope" in 1996

  • "Alternative" in 1994, 1995

  • "Silver Horse-shoe" in 1996, 1999, 2000

  • "Apocalypse will begin here" in 1999

    They also gave concerts in Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, France and Germany.

    In 1995 Viy was acknowledged the best alternative group in Ukraine. A seventy-minute film about Viy was made and they were invited to participate in a film about Ukraine shot by Americans.

    The group has experimented with its musicians and new compositions since the very beginning. The philosophy of the group has changed. The music is a combination of psychedelic elements with the rhythms and melodies of Slav, especially Ukrainian, paganism. The musicians use mediaeval and baroque musical styles, too.

    The group's performances do not resemble single sessions but rather continuous actions. Thanks to arrangements using acoustic instruments (cello, flute, oboe), a huge rhythmic section (with congas, tom-toms), the sounds of nature, birds and animals, the mystical ambience is created. The audience goes many centuries back in time, to the pagan origins, the nature, the earth, the lost relationship with the universe.

    E-mail: info@viyfrom.kiev.ua

    www.viyfrom.kiev.ua MP3 MP3 CLIP


    zoomLithuania Vydraga The Lithuanian folklore ensemble VYDRAGA was founded in 1988. Composer, folklorist and musician Algirdas Klova is the founder and leader of the group. VYDRAGA arranged folklore expeditions, established a folklore studio for young people, released 1 LP, 4 MCs, 2 CDs, prepared over ten different musical programmes reflecting the whole folklore history of Lithuania. The band appeared in four programmes on the Lithuanian TV and made recordings for the Lithuanian Radio sound archives. Their intention was not only to reconstruct folklore but to mix it with other genres. The musicians of the VYDRAGA ensemble together with S.Sasnauskas Jazz Quartet recorded a joint composition "Laumiu sakmes" ("Witches' Tales"). The group participated in a number of concerts, festivals and other events in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Argentina, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy and elsewhere.

    In 1996 Algirdas Klova transformed his ensemble into a five-piece group of multi-instrumentalists. All the members of the new ensemble came from the old VYDRAGA. They are long-standing folklore enthusiasts who learned folk art from Lithuanian village musicians during folklore expeditions. The new line-up presented their first CD at the headquarters of NATO in Brussels, and they appeared at the EXPO 2000 in Hannover. The group has also performed in the Faroe Islands, Latvia, Germany, Sweden, Russia, China, Poland. They took part in the famous FALUN festival in Sweden. VYDRAGA'S repertoire today comprises Lithuanian folk music as well as folk music from other countries of the world. Members of the group like to experiment with the representatives of different genres. One of the most famous jazz masters V.ekasin has already invited VYDRAGA for joint projects. While listening to their new record "Piktirnis" you feel as if you were turning over the pages of an album with old reproductions, the original pictures of which faded away or were ruined by time. This CD reminds us of excellent village musicians and singers of the first half of the 20th century. Members of the ensemble treasure the recordings of village musicians and singers made during their expeditions.

    The songs and melodies presented in this CD were carefully thought over and felt deeply by the members of VYDRAGA before they were performed. While recording they strove to retain the spirit of traditional way of playing music.

    Algirdas Klova
    E-mail: muzikonas@takas.lt

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