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Introduction to Traditional Lithuanian Songs
Musical folklore of the Belorussian Polessye
The Carpathians, traditional music and contemporary youth


"Wertep" Hurrt Mandriwnych Diakiw (UA) W-Z Orkiestra (BY)


Ucraine Hurrt Mandriwnych Diakiw "Wertep" "Wertep the Group of Travelling Diaks", (diaks being psalm singers or seminarians in the Eastern Churches) was formed in 2001 in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. It is a part of the "Art - Wertep" Artistic Agency.

The group performs at all kinds of venues and on different occasions, also for charity. They play at music and art festivals or in private clubs; in their history there were even performances in a kindergarten, a hospital, and an art museum restorer's studio. Their openness to new challenges results in numerous joint projects with other musicians, dance ensembles, circus groups, and theatres. "Hurrt..." members not only play their own electronic compositions, but also perform the traditional Ukrainian nativity play ("wertep"), write music for the TV and radio, take part in artistic campaigns, and give interviews.

"Album QneT" (2001)
"Dniprok Anthology"

Dnieproderzynsk, Zaporoze, Kiev, Symferopol, Novomoskovsk, Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk

"AkuRok" (Dnepropetrosk)
"Ulot" (The Crimea)
"The Heroes of Culture" (Kiev)
"Wertep on Wertep" (Dnepropetrovsk)
"The Pulse of Asphalt" (Kiev)
"Taras Bulba" (Dubno)
Cossack Song Festival (Znamianka)
"The City of Rock'n'Roll" (Dneproderzynsk)
"The Golden Underground" (Lutsk)
International Jazz and Folk Music Festival "Lvov's Weathercocks"
Oleksij Bondarenko (Lionia) -vocal, guitars, harmonica, music and lyrics;
Oksana Bondar -vocal, xylophone, percussion, dance;
Fedir Buhaj - vocal, percussion instruments, bajan, guitar, music and lyrics;
Dmytro Stepanov - trumpet, sound effects;
Serhij Suprun -bass guitar, guitars, vocal, music, management;
Tymofij Chomiak - vocal, bass, acoustic guitar, bagpipes, bajan, tambourine, tabulan, music, lyrics, originator and leader of the project.

E-mail: mail@artvertep.dp.ua



zoomBelarus W-Z Orkiestra W-Z (Wschod-Zachod) Orkiestra - "The East-West Orchestra". The project was initiated in 2001 by Zmicier Wajciuszkiewicz (Todar), outstanding Belorussian musician, multi-instrumentalist, member of the cult bands "Kriwi" and "Pałac," composer of film music, co-originator of the projects recognized all over Europe: "Narodny Albom" and "Ja Naradziłsia Tut," charismatic performer and active participant in Belarussian alternative art.

The remaining members of the group are young musicians from the Belorussian independent scene: Ksenia Minczanka, a brilliant violinist and singer also playing wind and percussion instruments; Alaksandar Szuwalau (Alex), experienced guitarist and accordionist; Wiaczasłau Siargiejenkau (Slava), double-bass and bass player, and Aleg Iwanowicz (Iva), playing the acoustic guitar and accordion.

The great stylistic diversity of the band's repertoire stems from Zmicier's long-standing musical and performing experience and the technical mastery of the other musicians. The songs of "W-Z Orkiestra," based on Belorussian folklore, are lyrical Belorussian ballads as well as lively, rhythmical compositions inspired by folk music.


  • "Ballady" (Ballads) - 2002

  • "Parawiny godu" (Seasons of the year) - 2003

  • "Parawoz kahan`nia" (Train of love) - 2004 Contact:
    E-mail: todar@tut.by

    http://todar-wz.narod.ru MP3 MP3

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