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Zalvarinis (LT)


Lithuania Zalvarinis it's a band of four young musicians (drums, bass guitar, acoustic, electric guitars) and three singers. Various interpretations of ancient Lithuanian folk songs which are performed by the group sound new and unusual. ZALVARINIS unites different styles of music: from light rock till metal with blues, jazz elements.

ZALVARINIS rounded up in summer 2001. At the same time they started recording and producing the CD (Zalvarinis CD, Bomba records). After this more concerts and festivals followed, such as: international festival of modern music "Suklegos" (2002, 2004 Lithuania), "Regioo" (2003 Estonia), international neo-folk festival "Menuo juodaragis" (2001, 2002, 2003 Lithuania), "Baltijas saule" (2002, 2003 Latvia). ZALVARINIS was invited to appear in a film about Lithuania for tourists, which was made by an Austrian film-studio in 2002. The band also won in the nomination for the Discovery of the Year 2004 in the National Lithuanian television.

The new album "Zalio vario" appeared in summer 2005 (digipack, Prior rec, BOD). Now it is being presented all over the Lithuania.

The main intention of the band is to bring a new life to vanishing ancient Lithuanian folk songs and to present them to listeners as interesting, modern and attractive.

Robertas Semeniukas - composer, guitar;
Aurimas LemeZis - bass guitar;
Marius Buda - guitar;
Ilja Molodcov - drums; Ineta Meduneckyte, Egle Paksyte, Laurita Peleniute - vocal

Robertas Semeniukas,
Tel. kom.: +37068840785
E-mail: Robertas.Semeniukas@gmail.com

Ineta Meduneckyte
Tel. kom.:+37067404499
E-mail: medeinadei@one.lt

www.zalvarinis.lt MP3

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