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zoomKROKE is one of the best European groups performing Jewish music. It was created in 1992 by graduates of the Musical Academy in Kraków. "Kroke", in Jiddish language, means Kraków. To the group members' lives and careers, it also means a fundamental point of reference, for their artistic and cultural identity. The fact that they play their own music, doesn't mean that the character of traditional, classical music disappears. New, original effects are reached because their basis is placed in traditional Jewish motives. Group's passionate performance, drawing attention of every sensitive listener, is also built by means of improvisation. Songs are very plastic, full of melody and dynamic, but at the same time they are difficult in terms of classification to any of musical genres. This is , however, their advantage. They are based on elements of folk music tradition of many nationalities, e.g. Balkan Gypsies, and also use the experience and richness of classical music and jazz. Kroke's music moves body and soul. Its force lies in spontaneous and vital adaptation of the old culture to the new reality, which is enriched by personal sensitivity and eagerness of the musicians. Virtuosity in their usage of instruments, as well as deepness of the sound, are the basis of music created by Kroke. Their performances are full of joy, stemming from playing music together. Their concerts are always received enthusiastically by the audience.

Kroke's first concert abroad took place in Jerusalem in 1993. Musicians were invited there by Steven Spielberg. Since then, the group have played during many important European events and prestigious festivals, e.g. "Womad" where they were invited by Peter Gabriel, or "North Sea Jazz Festival", where they performed with such stars as Pat Metheny, Al Jarreau, Chick Corea or Adam Makowicz. Kroke give a lot of concerts and travels a lot: they have visited Germany for few times, as well as Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, France, Austria, not mentioning numerous concerts in Poland. One of the most important events in Kroke's musical career is cooperation with an outstanding English violinist and the most popular classical musician - Nigel Kannedy. Their cooperation began in 2001 and in 2003 they recorded CD "East Meets East"- a bestseller on the market.

Kroke recorded and published eight, very popular, CDs. The album "Live at the Pit" was nominated and "The Sounds of the Vanishing World" obtained in 2000 the German Record Critics' Award ("Preis der Deutschen Schalplattenkritik"), which is one of the most important phonographic awards in the world. In 2004 Kroke was also nominated to the Award of BBC Radio Channel 3 in the branch of "World Music", in the category "Europe". In April 2004 the latest programme "Edyta Geppert +Kroke" was presented for the first time

Members of the group:
Tomasz Kukurba - viola, violin, singing
Jerzy Bawoł - accordion
Tomasz Lato - double- bass
Tomasz Grochot - percussion (since 2004)

Kroke Quartet "Live at Home" CD Oriente 2004
"Ten Pieces To Save The World" CD Oriente 2003
Nigel Kennedy with Kroke Band "East Meets East" CD EMI 2003
"Time" Oriente Musik Berlin 2000
"The Sounds of the Vanishing World" Oriente Musik Berlin 1999
"Eden" Oriente Musik Berlin 1997
"Trio" Oriente Musik Berlin 1996

www.kroke.krakow.pl MP3



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