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Folk Festival "From Countryside" (Spotkania Folkowe "Z wiejskiego podwórza") is an annual event since 1996. It takes place in Czeremcha. Apart from performances of folk groups who play music of different countries, during the festival participants encounter a lot of additional entertainment. They may admire photo exhibitions and are offered different country handmade goods, also cassettes and CDs with folk music. They may take part in musical and craftsman's workshops, like pottery and plaiting workshop, which are conducted by folk artists.

Because of its setting and an extraordinary host - the folk group "Czeremszyna", the Festival has a specific and unique atmosphere. Czeremcha is a small town situated in the south- eastern part of the Podlasie region. It is a place where many cultures meet, such as Polish, Byelorussian, Ukrainian, Tatar, Jewish, Lithuanian, Russian and others. The aim of the Festival is to popularize different cultures, teach the tolerant attitude and respect towards them, and support tradition of the Podlasie and other regions. Among performers were: Troista (Belarus), Embryo (Germany), Haydamaky (Ukraine), Kapela Duszana and Lubki Tumowej (Slovak Republic).


Warsaw Village Band
The Saint Nicholas Orchestra
Trebunie Tutki Group
Jorgi Quartet
Broda Group
Ensemble Polonais

prof.Jan Adamowski
Maria Baliszewska
prof. Jerzy Bartmiński
Małgorzata Jędruch
Tomasz Janas
Wojciech Ossowski

Folk Groups and Singers Festival in Kazimierz
Folk Music Festival of The Polish Radio "Nowa Tradycja"
International Folk Music Festival "Mikołajki Folkowe"
Folk Meeting "Z wiejskiego podwórza"

"The first and second existence of folklore" - prof. Anna Czekanowska
"Folk is longitudinal" - Marcin Skrzypek
"Music revival" - Magdalena Sobczak
"Names of folk" - Ewa Wróbel

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