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Introduction to Traditional Lithuanian Songs
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The Carpathians, traditional music and contemporary youth


Ban Zhvirba (BY) Burdon (UA)


zoomBelarus Ban Zhvirba The folk-rock band Ban-Zhvirba was founded in September 1999 in Homel, Belarus. It was created on the basis of former 'The Dazers." The founding members were Mitya Gaurilin, Ruslan Targonski, Uladzimir Peregudau, Kristina Prihod`ko - Peregudau and Dzmitry Lazarenka.

The musical style of the group joins traditional Belorussian folk motifs with classic rock and influences of modern alternative music. Lyrics are in Belorussian. In the beginning the band tried to shape their own sound giving plenty of shows in their hometown. As a result, they gathered enough material for their first record ("Ban-Zhvirba" 2000) which contained some early songs. The song "Konopyelka" was remarkably popular in Belorussian radio stations.

In 2000 the group participated in some festivals in Belarus and for the first time played in Poland at Basowiszcza festival. Next year they won one of awards there. In 2001 the band also made a big tour all over Belarus together with Krama group. After the tour, the guitar player Dzmitry Lazarenka left the band. His place was taken by Dzmitry Vinahradau from Homo Erectus.

In 2002 Ban-Zhvirba started preparing a new album. It came out in 2005 and was called "Palyn-trava." The record did not have as many traditional songs as the first one. Most of the material was composed by the band themselves.

In 2004 the group gave many shows and participated in the festival "Taukatchyki" in Minsk. During 2005 they have been working on their third album. It is going to be released in early 2006, with about 12 songs on it.

Artistic achievements:

  • Winners of the Belorussian Young Groups Festival "Basowiszcza 2001" (Poland)

  • Winners of the folk festival "Taukaczyki" (Minsk, Belarus)

  • Winners of the TV contest "Na puti k Parnasu" (On the way to Parnassus)

  • Participants of the international festival "Art-sessija" (Homel, Białoruś)

  • Numerous concerts all over Belarus

    The group:

  • Kristina Prihod`ko - Peregudau (Krysia) - vocal

  • Mitya Gaurilin (Mentos) - vocal, flute

  • Wowan Peregudau (Woldemar) - bass guitar

  • Ruslan Targonski (Rulet) - vocal, percussion, mandolin

  • Dzmitry Vinahradau (Vinni) - guitar

    E-mail: vinagradau@mail.ru

    www.ban-zhvirba.com MP3 MP3


    zoomUcraine Burdon A folk band from Lviv, formed in 2002, inspired by folk music from the Eastern Europe, especially the Carpathian Mountains. However, music of almost all European continent, from Scandinavia to the Balkan peninsula, is a source of inspiration for the group. Burdon uses folk instruments, such as old fiddle, Swiss nyckelharpa, Balkan tapan, bouzuki, Eastern darabuka, in order to recreate sounds of old ethnic music. Nonetheless, the musicians claim that traditional music should be given a touch of freshness and newness without pretending that their performances fully correspond to the authentic material.

    The group has lots of achievements including participation in ethnic festivals like Ukrainian Lviv's Weathercocks in 2003, the World of Tradition in 2003, Szeszory in 2004 and 2005, Polish Lemko Watra in Zdynia in 2003 and 2004, International Folk Music Festival "Mikołajki Folkowe" (where they won the third prize and the audience's award) in 2004 and some other festivals in Belarus.

    The group is currently working on a record called "Karpaty" with traditional music of Hungary, Romania and other ethnic minority groups, for example Csango, Lemkos and Hutsul.

    The group:
    Ołena Jeremenko - violin
    Mychajło Kaczałow - fiddle
    Oksana Hryńko - vocals
    Rostysław Tatomyr - vocals, bouzuki, darabuka
    Lubomyr Iszczuk - tapan, darabuka
    Edward Iwaniuszenko - pipe, percussion instruments

    E-mail: tatomyr@ukr.net

    www.burdon.lviv.ua MP3 MP3 MP3

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