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Introduction to Traditional Lithuanian Songs
Musical folklore of the Belorussian Polessye
The Carpathians, traditional music and contemporary youth


Palace (BY) Perkalaba (UA) Pete Paff (BY) Pievos (LT) Propala hramota (UA)


zoomBelarus Palace The group "Palac" ("Palace") was created in 1992 by professional musicians, who had experience in performing different musical styles. The musicians wanted to create such a band to be able to play authentic Belorussian folklore, in its original sounding as well as in different stylistic arrangements.

Popular musical instruments like saxophone, guitar, trumpet, accordion, synthesizer and samplers are used along with authentic, traditional Belorussian instruments, e.g. lyra, bagpipe, dulcimer, pipe, dudka, surmy (trumpets). In their musical activity, members of the band use materials gathered during expeditions and scientific research camps. In the repertoire of the group there are songs created on the motifs of Belorussian folk and customary songs, as well as songs written by musicians.

The group took part in many festivals in Western Europe and in CIS countries. In 1993 "Pałac" was classified as one of the ten best groups of the Eastern Europe according to the results of the festival organized by Radio France International. The band was also awarded at the following festivals: "Słowiański bazar" (Slavic bazaar) Belarus, "Molodietchno" 1995-2001 Belarus, "Azja Dausy" Kazakhstan, "Basowishcha" 1995-2000 Poland, "Suklegos" Lithuania, "Rock-Koronacja" 1995-2000, "Kazatchkij krug" 2001 (Cossack circle) Ukraine, "Kraina mriyi" 2004 (Dreamland) Ukraine.

The group:
Aleg Khamienka - main vocal, guitar, arrangements
Zmicier Karabatch- vocal, accordion, lyre
Juras` Bielakou - trumpet, pipe, vocal
Andrej Cierachowitch - drums
Siargiej Truchanowitch - guitar
Dmitryj Zygarau - bass guitar
Andrej Khwisiewicz (Rej) - piano, bagpipe
Usiewalad Grodnikau - sound operator

"Palac" 2005
"Darozka" (Path) 1997
"Lepshaje" (The Best of Palac) 2002
"Tan`czyc` Palac" (Palac Dances) 2001
"Chyzuja dzieuki" (Strange girls) 2002
"S`wiatoczny" (Festive) 2003

E-mail: palac@tut.by

www.palac.org MP3 MP3 CLIP


zoomUkraina Perkalaba Perkalaba is the name of a little village in Ukraine, where there was a huge mental hospital until the mid 1980's. Most of its patients, rebellious artists, people whose values differed from communist ones, were against the political system and for that reason were forced to undergo a treatment there. The same name was chosen by a band which formed in 1988 in Ivano- Francovsk, nearby Lvov.

Perkabala's music is described as 'Hutsul punk-folk' while the artists are inspired by musical traditions of Huculszczyzna , Bojkowszczyzna and Zakarpacie ( Ukrainian regions).

Perkabala's music moves the listeners because it sounds familiar and full of life. However, this dja vu option is an absolutely-not-postmodern attempt to quote allusions. Their music is completely abstract and the lyrics are not burdened with sensorial hallucination. Every punk or Rasta who can write will make a cool song out of one line, a surprising combination of words. What is so special about it then? Drive! Something we call a drive. A bit amateurish instruments playing is overshadowed by the musicians and their positive energy that radiates to the audience. Communication takes place.

Music that is full folk themes claims to be labelled folk or wedding music. Critics keep trying to find similarities and make comparisons. Nevertheless, in this case the method is easy - musical eclecticism and patchwork. Everything can be mixed and mingled with sounds in a joyful and natural way. Everything is unity. In this combination the band is full of lightness, good humour and light-heartedness. Unintentionally. Simply - the music of the Mountains. The constant presence of mountains, fresh air and sun. But the key thing is the fact that it is not an imitation. One can pretend a large number of things, for example intellect or the sadness of the world, but cannot pretend the real debauchery and dissoluteness. Anarchy. We are constantly told that politics, show business and money are the most important issues in life. In fact, they do not mean anything to the true deep life since they only fill the space and the air. That is why, such artificial things cannot be found in Perkabala's music. It is good for you! It is always trendy! It lives!

The band is the revelation of Rock Existenzia Festival in Kiev. They started performing in Poland in 2003.

Memebers of the group:
Andrij "Fedot" Fedotow - Guitar and Vocals
Jarema Stecyk - Bass Guitar and Vocals
Serhij Leonow - Guitar
Sasza Synhajewski - Drums
Wołodymyr Szoturma - Dulcimer
Serioha Szwajuk - Trumpet
Orest Hudyma - Trombone
Ihor Rymyk - Percussion
MOX - Perkalaba management

Tel.: +380509482985
E-mail: gnativ@yahoo.com

www.perkalaba.com.ua MP3 MP3 CLIP


zoomBelarus Pete Paff The musical project Pete Paff presents a new contemporary approach to ancient ethnic Belorussian music. The primary objective of the project is creating a musical product of supreme quality and popularising Belorussian ethnic music beyond the borders of the country. The leader of the project is Pete Pavlov - vocal, domra, guitar, music and lyrics, arrangements.

A characteristic feature of the group are unique arrangements and texts. New techniques introduce world trends of contemporary pop into Pete Paff music, which attracts new listeners. The innovative approach results from the leader's long cooperation with the band Kriwi; it is also an effect of travelling, research, and analysing a large number of concerts and recordings of world famous acoustic musicians, e.g. Sting, Goran Bregovich, Tom Ze, Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew.

1995 N.R.M. - "LaLaLaLa" - "Partizanskaya" from this album was chosen Best Song of the Year.
1996 N.R.M. - "Odirydina" - Nominated for Best Album.
1998 N.R.M. - "Paspart gramadyanina N.R.M" ("N.R.M Citizen's Passport") - Best Album of the Year at the "Rock - Koronacja" ("Rock Crowning") Festival.
1999 N.R.M. - "Akustychniya kancerty kanchatku XX stagoddya" ("Acoustic Concerts from the End of the 20th Century") (live).
2000 N.R.M. - "Tri czarapahy" ("Three Turtles") - Best Album of The Year 1999. The main award at the "Rock - Koronacja" Festival.
2002 N.R.M. - "Dom Kultury" ("Culture Club") - Best Album of The Year 2001. The main award at the "Rock - Koronacja" Festival.
1998 KRIWI - "Za tumanam" ("Behind the Mist") - Nominated for Best Album.
2000 KRIWI - "Ludyam" ("For the People") (live). The main award at the "Rock - Koronacja" Festival.
2002 KRIWI - "Minsk-Berlin"
1998 "Aleksej A.Szedźko - Ja budu zdat" ("I will be waiting") - Nominated for Best Album.
1998 "Narodny Albom" ("The Folk Album") - joint project. Best Musical Project of the Year at the "Rock - Koronacja" Festival.
2000 "Śvyaty vyechar 2000" ("The Holy Evening 2000") - joint project. Best Musical Project of the Year at the "Rock - Koronacja" Festival.
2000 "Ja naradiwsya tut" ("I was Born Here") - joint project. The main award at the "Rock - Koronacja" Festival.
2003 "Harackiya - Sini Apelsin" ("The City Dwellers - The Blue Orange")
2003 "GARADzKIJA -Nielegal" ("Illegal")
Plus participation in numerous other joint projects and song compilations.

Active touring during the last 13 years. Performances in: Germany, Luxemburg Denmark, France, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus - wherever it was and wasn't possible.

In 1999 chosen Best Artist of the Year.

E-mail: petepaff@tut.by


zoomLitwa Pievos PIEVOS was formed in 1996. Band leader Virginija has realized her love for poetry in her music, so the band used to be characterized as the one of musical poetry. Lines of poems were entwined with flute improvisations, and sounds of guitars, violins and percussion. The band was performing for three years, played a few concerts in different cities of Lithuania, including the second MJR festival in 1997. During their first stage, the band left a legacy of the album "Pasilikus su vienatve" (Left with Solitude), released in MC format by Dangus/Nova96.

After the album release, the band eventually faded. Virginija continued to play and compose music alone, she also performed in various cultural events, in one of which she met Kostas, present guitarist of PIEVOS. Thus, the band was reborn with the new cast in 2003. PIEVOS has maintained their unique sound, now enriched with abundant folk elements. At the moment, the band is composing and recording songs for their new album.

Now it has the following members:
Virga (vocals, guitar),
Kostas (guitar),
Aringas (violin),
Rasa (accordion),
Augustas (percussion)
Andrius (bass).

Tel. +370 650 55152
E-mail: info@pievos.lt

www.pievos.lt (in preparation) MP3


Ukraina Propala hramota These people met and now play together thanks to the existence of the three groups: "Wowtchi Jakhody", "Khmeli suneli", "Otcheretianyi kit". In music of the band (as well as in lyrics) one can always see aiming at the beauty of the tune, the truth of the message and the harmony. That is why joy is joy, and sorrow is sorrow! The style of the band is related to folklore as it is understood by an ordinary city dweller.

Of course, there has not been much time since the band was created (in 1998), but they have been already awarded several prizes and certificates of distinction. Red rues, silver horseshoes...

Pawlik Neczytajlo - vocal, lyre, lyrics, music and something more,
Sierioza Butc - guitar, bass guitar, music,
Sasza feeteel - guitar, bass guitar, music, lyrics,
Oleszka Job - rhythm, lyrics, style, girls, the son of a tank's commander who always appears together with the sound of fanfare,
Kostik Busz - rhythm, tuning, diligence,
Sierioza Tapor - accordion, later maybe a trumpet.


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